Tips to Become a Firefighter

You are now one step closer to your dream by passing the firefighting aptitude test, you must be doing something right. Now the next step for you to do is to get ready for the interview. It’s good to have an outstanding resume but none of it will be considered if you fail to connect with the interviewers. Give the hiring board a good and lasting first impression because this is our chance to stand out from the sea of applicants.  The firefighter recruiting panel will have different questions for you, some will ask you about yourself. They would like to know why you want to become a firefighter. There will   also be questions about morals, ethics, legalities and conflicts. Make sure you are confident in every answer that you give, they will be easily impressed if they can see your sincerity and confidence. You can also read some articles on how to become a fireman in order to give you more ideas.

There’s no I in the word team. You have to keep in mind that   a lot of people    rely on you to do your job. That’s why you have to remember that you have to be a good team member by being responsible enough to do your job and follow the instructions given. In this kind of job, lives depend on you so if ever you commit some mistakes make sure that you won’t do it again, learn from it. If you are the kind of person who doesn't want   to be instructed by someone whose position is higher than yours, think again, you might want another job.


You have to have some little research about the establishment that you are applying. Visiting some local fire station will help have some idea about how they work and what it’s like to become one of them. Having some knowledge about the fire service will definitely be an edge for you. You also have to dress professionally when you are about to get interviewed, at least have some proper grooming because the first impressions can make or break your career.

It is also important to have a good reputation when you become a fireman. This kind of service helps save lives thus it is important for this department to have the trust and respect of the public. Having a controversy that will jeopardize their reputation will be the last thing that they need, you on the other hand doesn't want to risk the impending employment by getting intoxicated with alcohol at the bar do you? Choose the people you want to spend most of your time with.


Fire fighters spend a lot of time together, may it be a 24 hour of a 48 hour shift. Negative vibes is unwelcome in this kind of field since this can easy affect the performance and relationship of the team. Be a good team player, if some problems occur, be professional and talk about it.